Open Areas with unseen alarmed perimeters

Virtual-fence and Monitoring Zones 
Creating Alarmed and Invisible perimeters and boundaries, without fences or physical obsticles. 


Borders, Airports, Ports and Maritime.  

Monitor Access points, Perimeters and Safety Zones
from over 400 metres away without heavy infrastructure costs.  


Law Enforcement

Multi-Sensor real time environment scanning 
Indoor UAV technology for Anti-Terrorism and Hostage situations


Covert applications

for Counter Terror, Government Agencies and Police Forces, High Net worth Individuals and properties.
due to the confidential nature of all applications and technology in this sector, please expect to be vetted and contact g2 directly.


Sensitive facilities and locations

Require Protection and Mitigation
against Corporate Espionage or even Terrorist Activities 


Drone Detection

Multi-layer Detection of Commercial and Recreational Drones
our stanalone unit operates up to a 1000 metre radius and a portable unit with up to 400 metre radius detection zones.


What we do............

g2 is a Security Research Group and Security Systems Developer Providing..

Advanced intrusion detection systems, bespoke covert audio/visual surveillance technologies, mobile and fixed multi-sensor UAV/Drone detection technologies and UAV mitigation and countermeasures systems, Internationally.

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500 Metre Laser Sensor

Laser surveillance sensor for network or stand-alone integration Surveillance at the speed of light. Eye safe invisible IR laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 250 Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight it will generate reflections which the sensor detects. Analysing the reflected light the Sensor calculates the location of any object with high accuracy within any of the 20 individually configured zones.

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369 securityguard

360° Laser Scanner

LaserSentry is an active infrared laser solution for area surveillance and perimeter control.  Unique laser radar technology saturates the entire designated area to detect any intrusion, whether stationary or moving.  The real-time position of an intruder is identified within one second, their movement is tracked, and security devices are activated: lights, remote cameras, PTZ devices, visible and audible alarms and armed response. 

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drone2 BW

Drone Detection & Mitigation

Commercial and Recreational Drones can be more than just an annoyance. They can reach high into the air, on the ground and in the water. Drones literally add a new dimension to eavesdropping and spying on facilities, individuals and infrastructures in a wide variety of environments and industries. Irresponsible operation has the power to shrink the realm of public safety, privacy and physical security.

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