360° Laser Detection Sensor

Most current perimeter intrusion sensors are situated on the perimeter, and have to be protected to prevent tampering and circumvention.  Typical examples of this are Electric fences, Fixed single or multiple beam installations and external passive infrared devices.  These devices do not provide the accurate location of an intrusion and once breached, are of no further use. 360° LaserSentry offers the unique ability to pre-detect any intrusion well before the main perimeter is breached .


The LaserSentry Security System (AIR-SYS) is an active infrared laser solution for area surveillance and perimeter control.

Unique laser radar technology saturates the entire designated area to detect any intrusion, whether stationary or moving.

The real-time position of an intruder is identified within one second, their movement is tracked, and security devices are activated: lights, remote cameras, PTZ devices, visible and audible alarms and armed response.

The System consists of Active Infrared Scanner (AIR) sensors mounted strategically to cover the maximum surveillance area. Safely located within the protected perimeter area, it is impossible for an intruder to tamper with them without detection.

Single or multiple AIR Scanners are connected together, on an Ethernet network, to a dedicated LaserSentry Control Centre (AIR-CC) or existing server infrastructure.

AIR Scanners, and other peripheral security devices on the network, are managed by the LaserSentry  Control Desk (AIR-GUI) software. This custom designed software allows a user to easily configure alarm- and safe zones to allow for controlled patrolling through the secured area. Unique alarm conditions can be set, including the activation of up to 64 additional security devices and the sending of SMS and e-mail messages.


The Scanning of a roof and forecourt areas                                                                                           

360scanner rooftop2



Complete Security Solution 

º AIR Scanners provide a full 360 degree continuous scan, with a 50m (164ft) radius to cover an area of 0.78 hectares (1.7 acres)
  pinpointing intruders to within 20cm.
º Position indoors and outdoors for perimeter and interior security. 
º Scan through palisade or chain link fences - alarm zones warn of potential incursions prior to perimeter breach,
  the AIR Scanner can also ‘see’ through multiple fences, for layered perimeter systems.
º Interactive software displays a high resolution ‘live’ Radar Plot of the secured area to provide a formidable barrier to unauthorised access.
º Integratration with existing alarms, surveillance systems and peripheral devices enables pre-programmed automated response alarms
  to be activated without dependance on human intervention.
º Up to 64 configurable alarm zones to allow for graduated responses to escalating intrusions. 
º Customised detection algorithms ensure that false alarms are kept to ultra low levels, optimising the application of security resources. 
º Anti-tamper and live health status monitoring and alarms. 
º Simple single-wire installation, Ethernet and PoE compatible. 
º Low power requirement allows for extremely cost efficient energy usage and rollout to off-grid applications.



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