g2 World class IP sensors are powerful tools for object detection, leaving cctv cameras to do what they were deployed to do - visual verification and video recording.

g2 Technologies allow you to offer solutions that are more cost effective, easier to install, more accurate and less prone to false alarms compared with video analysis, in entirely new situations.

Unique laser technologies allow you to secure objects and areas in a way that is almost impossible with conventional surveillance systems.



VFence F-501 Laser Sensor Overview



F-501 is a powerful sensor for detecting objects and intrusions with high accuracy at very long distances, without the need for lights, reflectors or separate transmitters/receivers used by other PIDs systems.


                                             lasersensor theory1                     lasersensor theory2a


Eye safe invisible IR laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 400 Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight it will cause reflections which the sensor detects. The sensor analyses the reflected light to calculate distance to the object with high accuracy. Since the sensor not only detects a passage, but also knows the exact location, opens up for many interesting possibilities. For example, the sensor can be set to only react on vehicles in one highway lane, to alarm only if an object has stopped or if a door opens, while all other activities are completely ignored. 



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Calculating the distance to any object up to 500 metres away at 400 Hz, the sensor has the ability to lower the false alarm rate to a minimum while increasing the number of detected objects.



Field of applicationOutdoor surveillance and monitoring - IP66 enc

Invisible Class 2 Eye safe Laser - 400 htz [no reflector] laser pulse

Detection range500 Metres max = Half a Kilometre

Detection resolution   +/- 1 decimetre [10 cm]

Update rate250 Hz

Beam divergence2.0 x 2.0 mRad [1 vertical Mtr over 500mtrs]

Set-up Alignment laser plus detatchable telescopic sight for long-range sighting.

Alarm zones 20 fully adaptable zones, each zone has individual alarm sensitivity settings and alarm actions.

Alarm actionsNetwork alarm, relays integrated with IP to VMS enabling PTZ control, automatic video recording and object positioning.

Self-awarenessAdaptive digital processing algorithm suppresses noise from fog/rain/snow in challenging weather conditions.

False alarm ...moderate 1 FA in 200hrs

Power supplyPoE [48v DC] 02 12 V DC

Interface...Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, TCP/IP, web browser user interfaces.


Surveillance Rapid Deployment Kit [RDK] self- powered with Satcom/ 3G/GSM/SMS position - distance to target, alarms and video by email.


Product description


•  Up to 500 meters range, no reflector required
•  Virtual fence able to trigger alarm and cameras
•  Fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation                                                                                  
•  Near zero false alarm rate
•  Heavy duty water/dust proof design
•  Intuitive and powerful web based user interface
•  IP alarms and relay output
•  PoE Power over ethernet



pdfg2 vFence F-501 Datasheet.pdf


pdfg2 User Manual v-Fence F-501.pdf



Forget false alarms

F-501 is designed from ground up with high accuracy object detection in mind, making the F-501 stand out in terms of reliability and accuracy when compared to systems based on video cameras and IR detectors. Based on advanced laser sensor technologies F-501 works without reflectors plus 20 seperate configurable alarm zones for up to 500 meters, detecting static and moving objects with high precision, regardless of lighting conditions.


F-501 uses an adaptive algorithm which automatically adjusts the object detection sensitivity based on signal stability. This allows the sensor to maintain maximum detection while suppressing noise from fog and snow or other disturbances such as birds and falling leaves. The F-501 evaluates the measurement signal in real time to determine the weather intensity at a scale from 0 to 10, allowing the user to easy create weather alarm actions. Weather alarms to VMS system can be activated when the weather intensity exceeds a threshold.

The new self awareness functionality further improves on the detection capability and low false alarm rates in difficult weather conditions. Operators are notified when there is a risk for limited detection capability, a feature that we have not seen in any other products on the market, this makes F-501 unique.



 pdfWhitepaper: Minimising a False Alarm Rate [FAR].pdf



System design

F-501 can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a system with multiple IP surveillance sensors and IP cameras connected to a server. Technologies such as power over ethernet and network alarms enables cost effective installation just as easy as any modern IP camera, requiring only a single ethernet cable. Additionally, its web based user interface is an intuitive way of fine tuning sensor settings and configuring network alarms for integration with all network based surveillance software.


                                                                                                      integration 501bw



Web Based Interface 

The F-501 user interface is web based. This means there are no limits on hardware or software for using the systems, all that is needed is a modern web browser. Running a program in a web browser doesn’t limit the performance – the software is easy to understand, fast to work with and have a wide variety of powerful tools to help you set up the system. We prefer working with web based software since it is easy to use, already prepared for online access, works on all platforms and doesn't need to be installed.


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