Detection of Commercial and Recreational Drones


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Drone Detection and Migitation Technology

The Aerial Threat.

Drones represent an increasingly significant threat to traditional physical security controls and legacy systems. As more private drone operators take to the skies for the first time, privacy and security concerns will be at an all-time high.  In 2016, it is now easier than ever to purchase a recreational drone and, without any training, fly it expertly through the skies in just a few minutes.

For organisations and individuals this can mean an invasion of privacy or even an attack, by passing physical perimeters to intrude and or deliver a payload, to prisons for example or even gain proximity to corporate and private wireless networks. Drones are forcing us to rethink many aspects of how we traditionally defend ourselves and our data.



Through a combination of g2 research and collaboration with leading industry partners, g2 understand the approaches that work and the approaches that do not work when it comes to drone defence. Naturally, the first objective is to detect a drone approaching the protected area and, crucially, with enough time to react.



The second objective is to mitigate the threat.  Proportionate action should be taken toward the drone, this is where current market solutions have been very weak. Depending on your requirements, your jurisdiction and your budget there are realistic and effective methods to deal with drones, g2 can identify the best approach to be deployed in this area.

g2 have recently introduced its Drone Detection solution, alerting users to a drone’s presence being able to detect recreational and commercial drones, using multi-factor authentication to identify a drone’s presence and position.

The g2 drone detection system is both a fixed [networked] or Rapid Deployment Kit [RDK] system and is a sensitivity device designed to detect start-up and the operation of both recreational and commercial drones. The unit can be used to detect audio and radio frequency emissions from drones up to 1000 Metres away and can detect drones before they have take off.

Disable Drones in Flight

Disable or, under some conditions, take control of drones in flight, preventing them from reaching a protected area.




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Unique Multi-Layer Detection 

The unique multi-layer detection system reduces false positives and negatives during detection. The Drone sensitivity level algorithms allow the customer to decide how quickly alerts are generated via SMS, email or SNMP trap.

A portable Rapid Deployment Kit [RDK] is also available, having ability for audible and bluetooth alerting capability.

Two unique features of the system are the ability to send GPS co ordinates of both the Drone and it's operator; allowing for faster discovery of the pilot and if you have your own Drone you wish to use, this can be "whitelisted" in the system so you can only receive alerts when an intruder Drone is detected.

Custon Application Programming Interfaces [API's] allow for easy integration into existing systems.

This unique equipment is ideal for Stadiums, Prisons, Convention centres as well as Military and Government installations.

The standalone unit operates up to a 1000 Metre radius producing a 2000 Metre diameter detection zone and the portable [RDK rapid deployment kit] unit up to 400 Metres radius.

The system can also be set up in " node mode" allowing multiple units to monitor larger areas.



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Detection and Mitigation Consultancy 

g2 will work with you to identify the risks to be overcome or defend against, we will explain how detection and mitigation solutions work and how they could be deployed in your own particular environment.


Complete Confidentiality 

All g2 consulting and operations are under an NDA. g2 treat all information the strictest of confidence. Our business is sensitive environments, you can be confident in the knowledge that our consultants will handle all incident and sensitive information with full discretion.

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Further details visit the g2 Drone Defence dedicated site  http://www.g2dronedefence.com/



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